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Erez Ben-Or / Artist portrait

Erez Ben-Or is a ceramic artist who was born in Israel and has been based in Sydney for the past 25 years. In 2007, he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art (first-class honours) from the National Art School, Sydney.
It is the textures, forms, rhythms and materials of architecture, specifically Brutalism that influences and shapes his work and practice. The term Brutalism is derived from the French phrase "Béton brut" which translate as raw concrete.
It is the imposing, geometric nature of Brutalist buildings and their graphic quality that Erez finds inspiration as an artist with a background working in graphic design.
Erez's work is hand-built using a clay slab technique that he finds is suited to constructing his static, monolithic forms. For Erez, the slab has an immediacy and materiality similar to concrete. His work is finished using slips on the outside surfaces and only opts to glaze the work on the inside in order to maintain a level of functionality.

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