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Monument  ceramics vessels collection

Monument Collection

The Monument collection is the result of two converging influences, an interest in architecture and the built environment and a love of science fiction. Rhythmic, organic elements are used as motifs to introduce a playfulness on otherwise static, monolithic forms.

Wall Mounted Collection

The wall-mounted vessels use a slab construction technique to create bold geometric forms finished with a painterly use of glazes. The vessels are wall-mounted pieces that can be reimagined as either a vase or planter.

Wall Mounted Collection
Brut vessels collection

Brut Collection

Brut is a collection of vessels best understood as a series of functional sculptures. The forms are inspired by the built environment and a love of concrete. The series celebrates the materiality of clay with vessels left unglazed for the focus to be on the overall geometric form.

Ikebana Vessel Collection

The Ikebana collection explores the principles of balance and harmony through the simplicity of form. These vessels are specifically made to hold flowers and it is envisaged their addition will complete the vessels by contributing balance to the overall composition.

Ikebana vessel collection
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Coil Collection

The Coil collection are hand-built using a coil technique where larger, more traditional organic forms are explored. The vessels are decorated using a hand-painted black underglaze to create layers of bold graphic elements.

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